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Why a healthy scalp is important for hair growth

Why a healthy scalp is important for hair growth

The scalp is the production centre for hair, with each strand growing from an individual follicle. The quality of these follicles is dependent on the underlying structures of blood vessels, tissue and cells.  The nourishment and health of this underlying  structure dictates the health of the hair.  The lack of vitamins and minerals and a poor diet can directly affect the health of your scalp.

An unhealthy scalp can show symptoms of oilyness, itching, dandruff, psoriasis, inflammation and pain, which can cause oily hair, dull hair and hairloss.

Keeping your scalp healthy by using shampoos that do not include irritating chemicals and ingredients is a first step.  Replacing your shampoo with one that nourishes, stimulates,  invigorates while at the same time treating any bacterial or fungal growths will improve your hair quality.

Our specialized solid Shampoo has a formula that covers majority of scalp conditions improving hair growth and hair quality and is 100% natural.  Worth the try!

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