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75.00 dh
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Made in Morocco


We offer offer hand-crafted natural soap, skincare, hair and bath products powered by Mother Nature to moisturize, soothe and nourish from head-to-toe.

100% Natural and Handmade

Premium Quality Natural Ingredients

60% of everything you put on your skin goes into the bloodstream within 1 minute. At BodyGood we make simple products toxic free using unique oils, butters and secret formulas that give you all the best of nature.

Welcome to BodyGood Maroc

The best soap in the city

We specialize in soap, made the old fashion way using the cold processed method using only natural oils and butters. No sulphates or chemicals added.

We care about

Healthy Solutions

We believe that skincare should be simple. Washing and hydrating with premium natural products is enough to keep skin healthy and glowy. We offer natural solutions for the most basic concerns of our customers. Giving you a simple solution for your skincare.

Soap Making Mastery

Made with natural oils the old fashioned way using cold and hot processing techniques, drying for 4 weeks before arriving to your shower.

BodyGood Maroc

We do more than great products...

BodyGood Maroc based in Casablanca, Morocco is not only about natural handmade products, we are also about health. The Founder of BodyGood, Lily Samardzic (DiHom. Pract., MSc Hom Med, Registered Classical Homeopath, and author of the successful Detox Juicing Programs found on Amazon.com, is passionate about living a healthy life and looking good while doing it. Featured multiple times in Femmes du Maroc.

Why a healthy scalp is important for hair growth

Why a healthy scalp is important for hair growth

Your hairloss can be due to an unhealthy scalp, improve your scalp health and stop your hairloss!
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Zeolite...A natural remedy for psoriasis management.

Zeolite...A natural remedy for psoriasis management.

Conventional medicine offers no real permanent treatment for psoriasis. So sufferers often resort in finding more natural, alternative methods that can palliate their symptoms and aid in management.
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Why chemicals in cosmetics are harmful to general health

Why chemicals in cosmetics are harmful to general health

Our skin absorbs 60% of everything that we put on it. Within 60 seconds, the ingredients that were applied on the skin go straight into the bloodstream. 

 Everything that the cosmetics contain as ingredients will be penetrated into the skin. So be aware of the ingredients in your cosmetics because they are being absorbed into your body .

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