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The 3 series detox plan has been organized by Lily Samardzic, (DiHom Pract., MSc Hom Med). On her health journey she had discovered the healingg benefits of juices and healthy foods as medicine for various illnesses.

The programs were used for groups of her patients who participated and were coached into the understanding of the healing power of the body. The participants had little or no knowledge of juicing and detoxing which is why Lily created simple, easy to follow plans using ingredients that can be found anywhere.

This programs are easy to follow and can be started easily, finding all ingredients at your local market.

The 3 day detox will give you basic information on why juicing is healthy , what to expect, what you need and how to follow through.
The 4 day detox and 5 day detox will introduce concepts on why our bodies get sick and how foods can either cure you or kill you.

If you are looking for an easy to follow detox , this is for you!

There is also a 4 day juice and soup detox , as well as a 5 day healthy food detox. Choose the plan for you depending on what you think you are capable of succeeding. They are all beneficial and an asset to your health.


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