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Zeolite...A natural remedy for psoriasis management.

Zeolite...A natural remedy for psoriasis management.

Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory , deep rooted skin condition that produces red crusted patches covered with white flakes.
Often the episodes are triggered by some emotional or mental stress in which the symptoms aggravate.
Conventional medicine offers no real permanent treatment for psoriasis. So sufferers often resort in finding more natural, alternative methods that can palliate their symptoms and aid in management.
The name ‘zeolite’ originates from the Greek words ‘zeo’(to boil) and ‘litos’ (a stone).
Zeolite is a obtained from volcanic ash, and it possesses unique and outstanding physical and chemical properties. These characteristics make it very useful in a variety of applications both the use in internal and external health ailments. It has been shown to benefit skin health, including psoriasis.
Zeolites possess attractive properties, such as adsorption, ionexchange, water sorption/desorption, molecular sieving and excellent binding capacity for toxins and other harmful substances. In skin health it is able to adsorb the inflammation promotor histamine. These exceptional properties have shown to be useful for those suffering from Psoriasis.
We have created our Zeolite Soap due to the inspiration of the healing properties it has. We were amazed that our custumors who have bought it for their psoriasis were pleasantly surprised how it
helped calm their symptoms and smooth out their skin. Worth Sharing!
If you are interested in trying our Zeolite Soap for your skin condition, and want to experience Zéolite for yourself, you can find it on our website.