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Why chemicals in cosmetics are harmful to general health

Why chemicals in cosmetics are harmful to general health

Our skin absorbs 60% of everything that we put on it. Within 60 seconds, the ingredients that were applied on the skin go straight into the bloodstream.
Nicotene patches, estrogen creams are both examples of the efficacity the skin has in absorbing substances. The needed substances are placed on the skin to allow absorption to take place. The same thing happens with anything you put on .
So what happens when we put cosmetics on the skin?
Everything that the cosmetics contain as ingredients will be penetrated into the skin. So be aware of the ingredients in your cosmetics because they are being absorbed into your body .
* Parabens interrupt the endocrine system.
* Sulphates are irritating to skin
* BHA and BHT used as preservatives are very toxic
* Benzophenones used as synthétic sun filters are also disruptive to the endocrine system
*Mineral Oils are pollutant and clog pores
* Formaldehydes are cancerous
The list can go on and personal research is necessary inorder to verify the substances in your cosmetics. But if you want better health, the natural route is the way to go. That being said, labels should still be checked to really be sure that the products you are buying are truly natural.
The body is a machine that needs to nourish itself and to rid itself from useless and dangerous substances and detoxify. When you eat and drink and bathe, you are either adding nourishment to the body or you are adding to the substances that need to be detoxified. Anything chemical or toxic must be rid from the body through urine, feces or perspiration, or if unable to elimiante will be stored in fat cells.
Our Products at BodyGood Maroc® are made by hand, and do not contain any toxic ingredients. Our formulas are simple and made with natural ingredients. We hope to offer you performant products that you can trust.