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Why you should never use cortisone creams on eczema

Why you should never use cortisone creams on eczema

The unbearable itching and unsightly rash that eczema can produce is distressing to millions of people, and affects children , adults and even animals, and is one of the most common skin ailments that exist.
The cause could be due to various reasons, from everything to mental, emotional distress, allergic reactions, hereditary tendency and reactions to environmental factors. 
The one thing they all have in common is that eczema is an expression of a disturbance that the body wants to rid itself from.
This is an important concept to understand before treating your eczema.
Cortisones are the most common prescribed treatment for eczema , as they provide very fast relief and stop the unbearable itching and inflammation that eczema causes. But what do cortisones do? and what effects does it have on the body?
It is important to understand that cortisones are suppressive , which means that they do not cure , they palliate , they suppress the disease so you don't see its symptoms, they push the illness out of sight. They push the inflammation inwards. And this is a big problem.
If the inflammation is pushed inwards, where does it go? It goes to the next linked organs and often in children we see that that would be the lungs. This is why we often see a case of suppressed eczema in children leading to asthma. For adults the direction is the same , often the respiratory system will get affected but the eczema will disappear, but other organs can be touched as well.
As a Homeopathic Practitioner, we understand the whole of the body, we understand the healing process that the perfect creation of the human body has already integrated and we know that it is better to keep the inflammation on the least important organs in order to maintain best of health. So in theory it is better to have eczema than it would be to have asthma. In classical homeopathy, we aim to relieve the eczema entirely, but it is one of the chronic conditions that take the longest to cure.
So what is an alternative to cortisones? The cure of eczema is a healing process. Nutrition, environmental factors and hereditary factors must all be taken into consideration. Contacting a holistic practitioner would be a first step.
What I have made for my patients that came to me for eczema , that was used as a compliment to homeopathic treatment, and was the first ever product BodyGood Maroc created was the Miracle Healing Salve. I needed an alternative that would be a regenerative, soothing, anti inflammatory and anti-oxydant. With extensive research and trials the Miracle Salve was formulated and the feedback of patients was extremely positive, thus the name Miracle Healing Salve!